Virtual Manufacturing Services for Various Industries

CPS’s manufacturing capabilities are in three core industries, metals, plastics and sewn goods. CPS can provide finished product in any of these core industries or products requiring a combination of these industries. From a simple punched metal washer, to a fully fabricated steel light tower with plastic parts and sewn fabric covers, CPS can deliver the product or components you need.

Fabricated Metals and Components

From a punched, cut, welded and painted metal part to a machined and T-6 heat-treated aluminum part, to a cast and machined and powder coat finish part, CPS can deliver the metal work your company needs.

  • Fabricated Metals – Robotic welding, jig engineering, stamp, punch and finished
  • CNC Machined and Lathe Components – Up to 5-Axis Capabilities
  • Extruded and Die Cast Aluminum – Aluminum parts in raw and machined form
  • Tooling Production – Custom tooling production for US operations
  • Finishes – powder coat, anodize, heat treat, paint
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Plastic Injection Molding

From a simple Propylene cap to a fiberglass reinforced nylon trays for component storage, CPS’s injection molding capabilities can deliver the plastic parts you need on the time and for the cost you need.

  • Multi-tray and Slider Parts – inter-changeable parts
  • Tooling Production – Custom tooling production for US injection operations
  • Single and Multiple Cavity Tools
  • Pressure and water-controlled injections
  • Large Cavity Capable
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Sewn Goods Services

From a ballistic grade material back pack to a nylon mesh sorting bag to Hi-Viz protective vests, CPS’s sewn goods division provides high quality and high quantity sewn goods services for our clients.

  • Wide deck capabilities
  • High volume capacity
  • In-house material supply capabilities
  • Heavy and Light material capabilities
  • High Visibility materials
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