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Virtual Manufacturing Services from Concept to Delivery

Contract Production Services, LLC (CPS) is a contract manufacturing company that provides US companies with finished-product and/or component goods from their China based manufacturing operation. CPS delivers finished, market-ready product or work-in-progress components that can dramatically reduce US assembled good’s costs. CPS is a US owned and managed company with operations in Ningbo China. CPS builds it the way you want it built, at the cost and with the capacity you need.


With the help of the right contract manufacturing company, it’s much easier to establish an offshore manufacturing operation in China. There is no need to buy new equipment or worry about building relationships with local manufacturing partners. Contract manufacturing provides access to factories already equipped for your type of manufacturing.


Save time and money with our virtual manufacturing facilities and contract manufacturing outsourcing. CPS is not a traditional trading company. We’re a western-run and western-owned contract manufacturing company, offering our clients their very own manufacturing operation in China.

Industries Served

Fabricated Metals and Components

Plastic Injection Molding

Sewn Goods

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