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Starting with the product specifications or samples our clients give us, to coordinating the shipping logistics to the delivery location our client specifies, CPS provides all services required to source cost effective finished products or W.I.P. component production in China.


CPSCPS is more than a sourcing company, CPS provides our clients their own virtual manufacturing operations in China. CPS is headquartered in Ningbo on the east coast of China.  Ningbo has a very large and diverse manufacturing base offering a large variety of options for our clients.  Ningbo has a lower cost environment than either Shenzhen or Shanghai and a new deep water port offering better shipping options than Shanghai.


Our office in Ningbo, which provides our sourcing coordination, QC and QA and shipping documentation control, is ISO9000 certified.  CPS follows our clients requirements and establishes the written production procedures and the QA and QC programs to be followed by the factories.  Our staff provides continual QC during the life of all projects.


CPS establishes production schedules for all projects and our staff manages the factories to meet the schedules.  CPS also offers automatic account management for clients’ that require regularly coordinated shipments to meet inventory level management programs.  Many Clients require multiple discipline manufacturers to produce the products they require.  CPS can coordinate multiple discipline projects with multiple Chinese vendors providing a single point of contact for the project.  CPS can consolidate multiple types of goods for efficient and cost effective management and shipping.  CPS provides our clients the peace of mind of dealing with a US company who understand the quality and communication standards they require.


Our team of Chinese nationals, trained in western production management disciplines, understand the native language, the local customs and the cultural idiosyncrasies that allow CPS to get results from the factories that an offshore agent can't get.  Our teams on the ground in China personally manage all vendors to ensure that they fulfill our client’s needs.


There is no need to invest in expensive equipment when CPS’s local factories already own the equipment.   If special equipment is needed for a project, CPS can work with local factories to expense this cost and save our client the need for expensive financing.


CPS eliminates the need to have to hire and then let go production staff based on swings in seasonal production or changes in the markets’ buying cycles.  This burden is carried by the local factory and CPS!  If production needs to ramp up, CPS takes care of these issues!!!